Man Boobs on 'Wipeout' (VIDEO)

Michael White has "moobs." Or, if you need a translation for that term, he has "man boobs." But as a contestant on 'Wipeout' (Thu., 8PM ET on ABC), he could win $50,000. And what would he use that money for? Why, breast reduction surgery, of course! Yikes.

"Goodbye, boobies!" Michael yells, as he stands at the starting line of the 'Wipeout' obstacle course. But first, host Jill Wagner wants to check this "moobs" situation out. Michael pulls up his shirt, and Jill reaches out towards Mike's pendulous, heaving ... male bosoms. Which is when the 'Wipeout' announcers start screaming: "No! Jill! Cut to Camera Two!"

Will Michael win the contest, and the 50,000 bucks? Will he achieve his impossible dream of getting smaller male breasts? Will he ever reduce his cup size? You'll have to watch the clip to find out.

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