'The Marriage Ref' recap: The fighting goes on too long

The half-hour premiere of The Marriage Ref last weekend was harmless, silly fun. The regular hour-long version that premiered last night was silly fun that grew more tedious as the minutes wore on. It was like being at a party that started off lively and amusing but went on way past the time when everyone should have put on their coats and gone home.

Guest judges Tina Fey and Eva Longoria Parker joined show co-creator Jerry Seinfeld with host Tom Papa. They grinned at footage of marital spats over the use of a 'formal dining room' (the wife wants it untouched; the husband has the temerity to want to sit at the table on a day other than Thanksgiving) and over whether or not a hubby should be allowed to remove his wedding ring to play basketball (guess on which sides the couple lands on that one).

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