Recap Drop Dead Diva: Season 1, Episode 10 - Make Me a Match

So we've got Rosie O'Donnell with love troubles, Liza Minnelli and Delta Burke as psychic sisters, Jane getting hit on, and OMG FRED!!!

Rosie reprises her role as Judge Madeline Summers, a friend of Jane's. During one of their Scrabble matches, Madeline complains that a $25000 matchmaking service Jane made her sign up for gave her 28 first dates and no results. Jane convinces her to sue for breach of contract, as the service guarantees multiple dates with a suitable partner. At the initial meeting, the head of the service, Diana Hall, asks that Madeline attend one of their mixers before going forward with the case.

Madeline drags Jane to the mixer, who drags Stacy. While Jane is being wooed by Diana's lawyer, Madeline seems to be in the center of a set-up when Stacy recognizes the man she's with as an actor. Assuming he was hired to persuade Madeline off the case, Jane renews her push for litigation. In court, however, Madeline is humiliated when it's revealed that the profile she gave was a fake, written with the intent of finding someone like her late husband. She's pissed at Jane for pushing her into the case until Terry comes to see her, saying no one forces the headstrong Madeline Summers to do anything. While packing up the matchmaking service files Jane subpoenaed, Madeline spots one for a man she sentenced to prison. Turns out the service's 'state-of-the-art' background checks weren't so much, and Madeline gets her settlement. And Jane gets a date with the opposing counsel.

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