Recap: "Chuck Versus the Best Friend"

What happens when Chuck has to befriend his best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend? We get a little spy versus spy, with the always lovely Julia Ling center stage. Will Morgan win her back? And how will Chuck's real spy life figure into this mess?

We get a glimpse of a young Morgan circa 1992 at the Elizabeth C. Stanton Middle School as a much bigger girl punches an Alf-shirt-wearing Morgan hard. A teen Chuck comes to his rescue.

In present day, Morgan has his own ideas for a spy mission. He needs the boys (Jeff, Lester, and Chuck) to spy on Anna, his ex-girlfriend. Does this mean we get to see a whole lot of Anna Wu? Of course, Jeff has the best line when he says 80 percent of his female encounters have been without their knowledge. Chuck replies that he's worried about the other 20 percent.

Back at the ranch (Chuck's apartment) there seems to be a little gratuitous skin showing - and it's not Ellie's either! Captain Awesome is once again showing off his awesome body as he parades around in nothing but a towel, opening it in front of Ellie who's overwrought with wedding planning fatigue. I'm guessing the Nerd Herd writing staff really gets a kick out of this reverse sexism. Ladies enjoy!

Meanwhile, the boys mount up in Jeff's spy mobile, adequately equipped with a little too much recording and listening devices. Very creepy. Sarah and Casey follow right behind, spying on the spies.

The always lovely and talented Julia Ling, who plays Anna Wu, meets up with an Asian man who everyone thinks is her brother. That is, until they share a deep, longing kiss. Jeff still isn't convinced, but we know why that makes sense in his mind.

Chuck gets a look at this guy's license plate and flashes on him. It turns out to be Jason Wang - someone who the CIA suspects runs with gangs and smuggles contraband into Los Angeles. The new mission: to befriend best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and find out what he's smuggling.

Back at home, Chuck wakes to Captain Awesome sitting next to the bed creepily watching Chuck. Being so busy, he explains, he needs Chuck to find him a wedding band. Chuck reluctantly agrees.

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