Jackass 3 Coming In 3D

We thought the Jackass phenomenon was over, but we should've known better. After all, for as long as mankind has walked the Earth, we've taken joy in seeing others electrocute themselves in the nuts / throw themselves downstairs / risk death or dismemberment for our amusement. So on reflection it's no surprise at all that a Jackass 3 is being planned, nor that it's set to be in 3D.

As with the planned 3D Zombieland sequel also announced today, the hope is that the third dimension will add buzz and box-office to franchises that might otherwise struggle to gain attention. And certainly Jackass could do quite a bit with the format, not all of it entirely welcome. The possibilities for bodily fluids and genitalia to pop off the screen in 3D are endless and less than attractive, frankly.

Johnny Knoxville is already confirmed to return for the sequel, with Jeff Tremaine directing and already experimenting with 3D cameras to "ensure the footage will look good", according to Variety, or in other words to ensure that the bruising and swelling will show up in 3D.

Shooting starts on January 25, 2010, for release next year. According to the Variety report, the film will shoot in "Knob Lick, Kentucky, Mianus, Connecticut, Fukang, China, Buttzville, New Jersey and Gayville, South Dakota". We'd assume that was a joke played on the trade paper by Dickhouse Productions, the company behind the film, but since a previous series of Jackass already filmed in Mianus, we're inclined to believe that they really will be travelling all over the world just to indulge in sophomoric punning. Well, it wouldn't be Jackass if they were sensible, would it?

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