'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains': Interview with Colby Donaldson

I have been very hard on Colby Donaldson throughout Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. It wasn't until I talked with him today that I understood why he seemed so sad this season, and failed in all of the challenges.

There's a saying that you can't go home again. Like a lot of viewers, I was in awe of Colby's dominance in The Australian Outback. He was in a class by himself in the challenges.Ten years later I really wanted to see him dominate again, to prove that Survivors of old could still school the Russells and Coaches of today.

I was shocked when Colby showed up in no condition to beat Chet Welch from Micronesia. He's in his 30s but he acted like he was in his 60s.

I couldn't ask for a more touching explanation than Colby gave me. I love Survivor, but I can easily understand why, compared to The Australian Outback, the Survivor of today could seem like the true "Superman in a fat suit," the disappointing imitation. Colby didn't just let the game down. The game let Colby down.

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