'Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains:' Interview with Jerri Manthey

Much like a Hershey bar, Jerri Manthey was the sweetest part of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. She and Coach seemed to find true companionship. Unlike some three time players, she wanted to be there, and fought to win every challenge. Finally, at the age of 39, she could still rock her once-trademark bathing suit as well as a lot of 20-somethings. In short, Jerri was once labeled a soap opera witch, but today she is nothing if not down to earth.

For me, the one knock against Jerri this season was how easily she seemed to bend to Russell's threats. I was therefore very pleased with her strong, articulate explanation of her strategic decisions in the game. She also reflected on her friendship with Colby and offered a brutal answer about her romantic potential with Coach. That was cold, Jerri, but you warm my heart anyway.

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