Have We Seen The Last of Dana Delaney on 'Desperate Housewives'?

With the crazy things that have been happening on ABC, you never know when you'll see the last of your favorite character. Current ABC darling Dana Delaney was last seen going off to "gay Paris" on Desperate Housewives, and she admits to Zap2it that she's not sure if it would turn out to be the last sighting of Katherine on Wisteria Lane.

"Robin and Katherine are in gay Paris now! Yay!" she says. "What I think happened was that [Desperate Housewives creator] Marc Cherry - who is very facile and clever - the minute he heard that I was going to be doing this pilot, he said, that's fine, we'll just send you off to Paris, and if the show gets picked up, good for you, and if it doesn't, we can bring you back. So everything is sort of up in the air."

Delaney, whose two-episode arc on Castle is enjoying a lot of hype, had previously said that she's considering leaving Housewives to headline an upcoming ABC pilot Body of Evidence. She reveals that she'll be done filming the pilot in two weeks. Until then, she's not sure what's going to happen.

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