Top Moments of the Week: Lost, Loser, Office Offer Feuds and Finales - Featured

There are so many ways to resolve a rivalry without using your fists. Why not a sing-off? Or a competition to see who looks better slathered in goo? Or who can lose the most weight? Or... wow. Maybe Jack and Sawyer have the right idea, settling things the old-fashioned way. In this week's finale-filled Top Moments, we look at some folks who find creative ways to settle their differences. And two guys who aren't fighters, but lovers. Of each other's moms.

12. Best, um, "Homage": The Grey's Anatomy reveal that the bus-pancake patient is George provides a jaw-dropping jolt that is, to anyone who hasn't seen ER. The dearly departed medical drama employed the same twist 12 years ago (and much more effectively) when a John Doe brought in after jumping in front of a train turned out to be Dr. Dennis Gant. (Gant died, by the way. Does that mean George will die too?)

11. Best Last Call: The rise of Lucifer isn't the biggest shock in the Supernatural finale. It's the reveal that all this time Ruby has been manipulating Sam into breaking the last seal. Though Dean is "too late" to stop the apocalypse, he does manage to cut off Sam's demon-blood supply - in the most permanent of ways.

10. Sweetest Deal: After having his nearly unthinkable Dollhouse theory proven true, disgraced G-man Paul Ballard offers his sleuthing services to Adelle in exchange for the early release of one Active. But rather than tapping Caroline/Echo, he extends freedom to onetime lover Mellie/November. What a doll.

9. Smallest Winner: Tara Costa, a 24-year-old who won 18 straight weeks of challenges, seems like a natural winner of The Biggest Loser as she steps to the scale. The other two finalists, who have already weighed in, wait anxiously to see if she'll best them once again. But she doesn't. The unlikely winner turns out to Helen Phillips, a woman twice Costa's age who shed 54 percent of her body weight. Who says youth carries all the advantages?

8. Global Warming Award: Geeks with dreams of getting the girl give new thought to vacating mom's basement as The Big Bang Theory's Penny has a hard time saying goodbye to North Pole-bound Leonard. Asked by her would-be beau about her prolonged hug, Penny says - though only to the audience - "It means I wish you weren't going." We melted.

7. Most Ostentatious Display of Wealth: We knew the Jersey girls featured in the latest installment of The Real Housewives would be as flashy as the ladies from past installments, but nothing beats Teresa paying a $120,000 furniture bill in cash. "I hear the economy is crashin' - so that's why I pay cash." If you have that many dollars around, why not shape them into bean bag chairs?

6. Dirtiest Walk-Off: Some may call it artistic, but America's Next Top Model finale runway looks more like a mud- and grease-soaked orgy. The designer's vision for slathering grease all over his models while they crawl and writhe down the catwalk is a little too high-fashion for our taste. Teyona, who made the best of losing her fake hair amid all the mud-slinging, went on to win the show's latest cycle. Congratulations.

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