'Damages' - 'Don't Throw That at the Chicken' Recap Season 3, Episode 4

There was family dysfunction all around in this episode of 'Damages.' We had Patty dealing with her son, Ellen dealing with her sister (and jerk of a dad), Tom dealing with his in-laws (who seem like very sweet people), and the ongoing strife within the Tobin family.

And swirling around it all was Patty Hewes, who always knows more than she lets on -- but maybe not enough, as evidenced by her phone call to ... someone in that least scene.

'Damages' just loves to give us the ending, and then filter in the little pieces one by one. So we now know who Louis Tobin made that phone call to on the night of Thanksgiving -- Danielle Marchetti, to get his heart pills back. I was starting to think that Joe Tobin had some redeeming qualities, but the fact that he still thought Danielle could get on that plane (at first) after he'd hit her with his car has me doubting that notion. Still, he did pour out the alcohol after seeing the headlines about his dad in the newspapers on the street. He's just caught in a horrible web of his family's making. He's mortally wounded.

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