'The Event' recap: 'Lost' All Over Again? Season 1, Episode 1

The Event has arrived. But are we ready for it? The show - another mystery-driven, sci-fi tinged catastrophe culture saga where the past is a conspiracy to be untangled, the future is a code to be cracked, and the present is a conflict of hidden agendas to be exposed--comes after a turbulent, tiring year for such stuff. Lost ended after six captivating but taxing years with a polarizing finale. Heroes, sickly for longer than it was healthy, was finally put out of its misery. FlashForward launched, lurched, crashed. It’ll be interesting to see how many viewers thought The Event was a happening worth investigating. In recent seasons, freaky-geeky fables about our murky, nervy times have proven capable of inspiring massive curiosity (see: the strong debuts for The Bionic Woman, Fringe, The Sarah Connor Chronicles, FlashForward), if not always sustaining it. But after the finishes, flushes and failures of last season, I wonder about the genre's current allure, especially when it’s manifested in the form of a show that would seem to demand a long-term commitment in order to derive ultimate satisfaction. Are we ready to go steady with another piece of strange so soon after a year of hard break-ups and bad dates? The Event will test the hypothesis.

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