'Chuck' Season 3, Episode 16 - 'Chuck vs the Tooth' Recap

This was an episode that was chock full of material and a lot of guest stars. We had Shaw, played by Brandon Routh (proving that death doesn't necessarily stop a returning guest star, kind of like with 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'). We also had Julia Ling return as Anna Wu (read her TV Squad interview here) as well as former time-traveling scientist and cab driver Christopher Lloyd as a C.I.A. psychiatrist.

The episode's problem was that it was a bit of a mish-mosh with the guest stars not getting any appreciable amount of screen time (well, maybe Christopher Lloyd, but certainly not the other two).

I was kind of bummed on behalf of Ling. After being a recurring character, then a cast member on the show, she deserved more screen time for a send off. The return of Shaw was obviously a set-up for another appearance in the future. At first, it seemed like a guilt-trip on the part of our hero for shooting him dead in Paris. However, we never did see the body after he fell. In television, there has to be a body otherwise the character returns later (except for the aforementioned 'Buffy,' where dead people returned all the time).

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