Glee Episode Recap: "Hell-O" Episode 14

Glee returns after a four-month hiatus with some surprising shakeups. Rachel and Finn call it quits, Will Schuester is hopping from lady to lady and Sue uses sexual blackmail to get her job back. Welcome back, Glee!

The episode opens on Rachel, Mercedes and Kurt owning the hallways of McKinley High. Not so fast, they're still riding the slushie train. On top of that, Principal Figgins sets another goal for the glee club: place at regionals or they're finished. To make matters worse, Sue Sylvester is back!

Since football season is over, Finn is now on the basketball team. His biggest fan and girlfriend, Rachel Berry, is in the stands with a "Team Finn" shirt on, only slightly stressing him out. Through monologue, Finn admits that he's depressed, which leads to a peek at his relationship with Rachel. Not only is he not over Quinn, but he has to work much harder now that he's with Rach.

After Sue cuts off a slacker's pony tail, she reveals to Will how she came back to work at McKinley. She, of course, leaves out the key details that she roofied Figgins and sexually blackmailed him. Once again, she lets it be known that her goal is to take down the glee club.

Over at rehearsal, Will sets the clubbers on a new mission: They must find the new "Hello," as in, New Directions must reinvent themselves through the use of any song that has "Hello" in the title.

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