Recap - Chuck 3.07 "Chuck vs. the Mask"

Hello all. If you missed last week's crunchy and cheesy episode of Chuck, "Chuck vs. Nacho Sampler," please click here.

Tonight's episode, "Chuck vs. the Mask," begins with a mysterious man in black (no, not this one), descending on a zip line a la Ethan Hunt, and trying to retrieve a golden mask in the center of the room. The man seems to be too heavy for the beam holding him up, as a screw comes loose and falls to the floor below. This immediately sets off the vault's sensors and seals the man inside, dangling from the ceiling. To make matters worse, the oxygen in the room is quickly depleting. The man removes his mask to reveal an exasperated Agent Shaw! "Is the Intersect busy?" Shaw inquires of Casey. "Busy for you? Never," Chuck respondsâ€Â¦to Hannah. Hannah has asked Chuck to teach her the ways of the Nerd Herd, and to go on Chuck's next install. Chuck isn't sure Hannah is ready for that, but when she wonders whether he'd rather be crammed in to a Nerdmobile with Jeff or her, Chuck sees her point and relents. Just as the two share their flirty moment, Sarah runs into the store to find Chuck. She informs him that Shaw is trapped in a museum vault and is quickly running out of air. Hannah asks Morgan who Chuck is talking to, and he explains that the blonde is Chuck's ex who constantly comes into the Buy More to toy with Chuck's heart. Chuck tells Hannah that he has to run to a "Nerd Herd Emergency." Seeing her chance to get some much needed Nerd Herd experience, Hannah grabs her stuff and follows Chuck.

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