Glee Episode 14 Recap: "Hell-O"

Ahem, where was I? I'm sorry, it's just that Glee has the strange ability to bring out over-enthusiasm. Even with the incredible onslaught of hype and promotion the show has gotten (We get it, FOX!), it's hard to resist the charms of this show, as the mid-season premiere proved.

I was discussing this episode with IGN's Cindy White and we agreed there was definitely a discernable feeling of re-setting going on. It's important to remember the first thirteen episodes were shot before the series had even premiered, with no guarantee there would be another season, much less more of Season 1. Thus, you could feel Ryan Murphy and his collaborators now having to work to make the fall finale feel a bit less, well, final, and quickly undo some of the happy endings we saw there. It felt a bit rushed -- I would have liked to at least see Shue and Emma as a couple for a few episodes, rather than such a quick split, and there was no real reason to begin the episode with Finn and Rachel together, given they'd be broken up by the end of it. But damn if this wasn't still an incredibly entertaining hour of television.

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