'The Office' Spoilers Courtesy of Kelly

Recently, Kris De Leon did a special tribute piece for one of the funniest, most interesting yet oft-ignored characters on The Office: Kelly Kapoor. Perhaps unknown to some people, the actress who plays Kelly, Mindy Kaling, is also one of the show's writers. Recently, she dropped by a chat room to discuss some things that forthcoming on the NBC show, including a potential new crush for the office girls, a wedding, and a couple of stars returning to Scranton.

Spoilers ahead.

On the topic of Ryan (BJ Novak) ever returning to the show, Kaling says it's in the works. We're just writing his return, and it is so, so, so funny, I think. Much later, she described his return as spectacular and strange.

Meanwhile, asked why Kelly is not exactly heartbroken over Ryan's departure, Kaling speculates that either the camera's not seeing it, or they've broken up so many times, she just assumes they'll get back together. Kaling says she and Novak would joke that it might be believable if the two of them just got back in one episode and get married. Then again, she said, Kelly might just marry some Indian guy her parents arranged her to marry.

Ryan may need to speed up his return to Scranton, however, as Kaling spills that Kelly will soon have a hot new crush and no, it's not Dwight (Rainn Wilson), she stresses. The crush, she confirms, is no less than Idris Elba of The Wire, who'll be making a stop this spring as the new boss. Idris Elba causes a stir among some of the office ladies, she says.

As for the other The Office characters, Jim (John Krasinski) will not tire of playing pranks on people after seven years of working for Dunder Mifflin, although she cautions that Jim might be more serious with some things, like responsibilities with his house and fiance. As for Amy Ryan, yes, she's coming back, too.

Amy's coming back [for] at least one this season! she confirms.

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