Arrested Development Season 1, Episode 4: Key Decisions - Recap

When Gob abandons his girlfriend, Marta Estrella, to stage a publicity stunt at the penitentiary that holds his father, Michael is left to accompany her to the Desi Awards. Meanwhile, Lindsay attempts to persuade activist Johnny Bark out of a tree on Bluth property so that it can be cut down. Having swallowed the key and ready for his dramatic escape, Gob finds himself unable to pass the key without a private bathroom, spurring him to utter for the first time, "I've made a huge mistake." Trapped in prison with his father, we begin to learn Gob is a man desperate for his father's approval and attention, noting that George Sr. has never even played catch with him. Michael, meanwhile, is finding himself quite attracted to Marta. Also at the Desi Awards, Buster, while not wearing his glasses, mistakenly flirts with his mother's friend and social rival, Lucille Austero.

Lindsay, too, is making a connection of her own. Forced to spend the evening in the tree with Johnny Bark, she begins to recollect on her activist roots. However, Johnny Bark mistakes this nostalgia for attraction and leaves the tree he is protecting to profess his feelings for Lindsay. As he learns that she actually finds him disgusting, the tree is cut down. At the prison, Gob's first game of catch with his father is ended when a fellow inmate, White Power Bill, stabs the brash magician. Michael visits Marta to reveal his feelings for her, only to be interrupted when the hospital calls with the news that Gob "has been stabbed in the back." His near death experience has led Gob to finally commit to Marta, much to Michael's chagrin. However, Gob immediately regrets his commitment to Marta, once again admitting that he has "made a huge mistake."


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