Recap: "If She Can Make It Here..."

Welcome to The City, where the girls are rich and the boys are hot. Right away a little voice-over from our girl Whitney introduced us to the main players that we'll get caught up in, yet never admit it, and follow all season long. There are the "downtown girls" like Erin, who loves boys. There are the "downtown guys" like Adam, a model who does whatever he wants whenever he wants and has a girlfriend who doesn't seem to like that. Then there is the "uptown crowd" that centers around Olivia, a socialite, or social as she likes to be referred to. And finally we have Jay, the boy Whitney met back on The Hills. He's everything she shouldn't be going after young, good looking, and not used to having just 1 girlfriend.

It's Whitney's first day on the job at Diane von Furstenberg, located in the hip Meatpacking district, and the first person she meets is Emese, Director of PR. Do any of these fashion girls have normal names? They head upstairs and I must say, every time I see Whitney or another girl in stilettos walking those stairs I hold my breath. Right before the staff meeting, Whitney is introduced to Olivia, our resident "uptown socialite." They chat it up and in about 2 minutes we learn that Olivia knows Kelly Cutrone, Jay is Whitney's love interest, and Olivia is throwing a big dinner party to celebrate fashion week. I wouldn't say these 2 are fast friends, like Whitney and Lauren were on their first day at Teen Vogue.

After Whitney tells her friend Erin all about her first day at DVF, she heads out for a date with Jay at Nero, also in Meatpacking. He's awfully cute with his little accent and he "reckons she'll like New York more" than LA. I agree. The two definitely still have sparks and when he offers his apartment as a place to stay, there's no question what her response is.

Fashion week time! Rosario, Eva, JLo, Uma, tons of celebs are in the house for DVF's show. Whitney is being pulled around backstage but is holding her own and it seems to go off without a hitch. At the DVF after party in Soho, Whitney gets a "good job" from her boss and then chats it up with Olivia. I can't tell if the 2 will be friends or frenemies. Olivia then invites her to the infamous dinner party. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer?

The next day, Whitney meets Jay at Cornelia Street Cafe and brings up Olivia to ease him into the idea of attending her dinner party. He's seen her around and has mixed feelings about her and her friends. "Everyone knows each other here, how does that happen?" Whitney asks him. New York is a big city but I couldn't agree more about everyone knowing everyone. Jay is against the "rich kids crowd" and doesn't want to go even if it's just to hang with Whitney. So instead she brings Erin with her. Side note- do they live together? I missed that part but it sure seems like they do.

Whitney and Erin head to Olivia's gorgeous Tribeca apartment, which fyi is not uptown even though she's an "uptown girl." Olivia for the first of many times asks, "Where's Jay?" Whitney tells her he couldn't make it. After a toast to the host and a toast to Whitney being welcomed to New York, Olivia again asks about Jay. She wants to know if they're at the point of missing each other and Whitney admits that she is but doesn't know if Jay feels the same. Meanwhile, instead of attending the dinner party, Jay has a boy's night out with his roommate Adam. "Everything is going so fast," he tells him. Uh oh, classic guy thing to say. Adam resonds, "A little bit of space never hurts" and thinks he shouldn't stress or complicate things. Back at the dinner party, Olivia yet again asks why Jay didn't come. "I don't know I'm not his girlfriend. What are you gonna do?" Whit says. Good answer. But then surprisingly Jay shows up. Did his talk with Adam have the opposite effect on him or do we think these events were edited out


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