The Bachelor: Is Vienna a Victim of Crafty Editing?

Whether it's from Ali, Gia, or another bachelorette, we've heard a lot of nasty things about Vienna Girardi, one of Jake Pavelka's final two on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love. All of a sudden, however, unexpected character witnesses are saying more and more nice things about this season's vixen. It makes me wonder if Vienna's bad rep is just the result of The Bachelor producers' crafty editing.

Ex-boyfriend rumors and plastic surgery aside, Vienna has always been portrayed as a bad girl on The Bachelor in spite of not really having enough proof to validate all those awful claims about her by the other bachelorettes. And among all the contestants this season, Ali was the one who had the most beef with Vienna.

Surprisingly, though, Ali has a lot of wonderful things to say about Vienna now that she's off the show. She even says that her heart goes out to Vienna because she's getting slammed in the media and doesn't deserve all the bad rep. I wonder what made Ali change her mind about Vienna. Is it because she wants to be portrayed in good light in preparation for her rumored Bachelorette stint? Or is Vienna really a nice girl to begin with?

Then there's Gia, the girl whom everyone expects to hold a grudge against Vienna since Jake picked Vienna over Gia during Monday's episode. She thinks that Vienna is "amazing" and that she likes "everything about her." She also thinks that she and Vienna could really be friends once the show is over.

Has your opinion about Vienna changed after hearing what Gia and Ali have to say about her?

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