House Season 6, Episode 18 Recap: "Open and Shut"

A woman is brought to the hospital with a mysterious illness, but House and team are equally as fascinated by her open marriage. Taub brings up the idea to his wife, and things get complicated. Meanwhile, Wilson stands up to Sam about the little things.

The Patient

A woman named Julia is on a date with an attractive man when a she receives a knock on the door from her husband Tom. First thought? Busted! But not quite - he's there to get her to sign papers for their daughter's school and we assume the two are just divorced considering he introduces himself to Julia's suitor. But when Tom and Julia kiss goodbye, it's safe to assume these two kids have an open marriage. As soon as he leaves, she suffers excruciating pain and is admitted to the hospital.

At first everyone thinks its intestinal blockage, but Julia progressively gets worst and they question if she acquired something from the multiple partners she or her husband have been with. During questioning, Chase learns Tom has been faithful for the past year, and he's only allowing Julia to continue because he says it's what she needs. House isn't buying it and is convinced he's done something to even the score that didn't involve sex with someone else. Low and behold, the good doc is right when we learn Tom has no insurance and had to take money of his retirement to cover Julia's medical bills. Why retirement? Because he's lost their savings.

The doctors rule out a clotting disorder, but Julia's excruciating pain returns and they think her intestine overlapped on itself. They still can't get to the cause of things, and Thirteen tells Julia she should see her husband because her prognosis isn't good. At the last minute, House has his light bulb moment when he sees Tom brought his wife lilacs from their garden - a flower that attracts an abundance of bees. House discovers a rash in Julia's mouth caused by Henoch-Schoenlein purpura from a bee sting. They treat her accordingly and the case is closed.

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