24 Episode Recap: 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM Season 8

Another hour, another terrorist goes down — but at what price?

As the first of two new hours opens, President Taylor is holding firm on her decision not to turn President Hassan over to the terrorists, while General Brucker and Chief of Staff Toolie are trying to keep their counter-operation under wraps, which means still not getting medical attention for Ethan Kanin's heart.

Though the dastardly pair's plan to grab Hassan was seemingly foiled by Jack and Renee, Hassan now takes matters into his own hands, and prepares to place himself into those of the terrorists. Hassan first knocks Jack out, then forces he and Renee — along with his wife and daughter — into a sealed room at gunpoint.

It might seem crazy, but it is kind of hard to argue with Hassan's logic as he explains to Daria, "My life for tens of thousands ... I couldn't live with that."

Then he's out of the tunnels with Brucker's last remaining foot soldier, and it's time to let Samir know they're going to meet his demands just in the nick of time, as usual. And Tarin is clearly breathing a sigh of relief at not having to blow himself up.

However, he does give Hassan quite the verbal beating as they head toward what will presumably be the Kamistani President's final destination. "You wanted the cover of TIME magazine ... You care only for yourself. I watched over you day and night, watched over you while you betrayed your wife with a Western whore." Ouch. That last remark actually brings a tear to Hassan's eye. Well, either it's remorse, or the realization he probably won't survive this day.

Once Jack breaks out of the locked room, the first call he places is to Chloe (naturally), and until he can talk to President Taylor himself, he swears her to secrecy (of course). It doesn't take long before Jack gets Taylor on her personal cell, though, and totally tattles on General Brucker. Taylor gets to find out for herself that Toolie was in on the coup as well.

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