24 Episode Recap: 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM Season 8

Another action-packed hour concludes with a surprising eleventh-hour death that brings back the dreaded 24 silent clock.

As the hour kicks off, it looks like all of Dana's sneaking around has finally caught up with her. Trying to leave CTU headquarters to do God-knows-what, she's denied the clearance to leave the building, despite her semi-successful attempt to charm one of the guards.

And with Renee arriving back at CTU, suspicion is running at an all-time high. She heads right to Chloe to have her begin remotely decrypting Tarin's cell phone, which Jack found at the site of the crash. And when they discover the last call he received was from Dana, all hell breaks loose.

Dana is immediately flagged in the system, and when the guards try to stop her from leaving the building again, she skips the charm and just starts shooting. After taking down two officers without hesitation, she heads for her car. But Cole, who has been very speedily briefed by Hastings, immediately leaps into action, and arrives just in time to shoot out the tires on Dana's car, which crashes head-on into another vehicle.

And before Dana can even recover from the explosion of the air bag, Cole is pulling her out of the car, practically choking her as he shoves a gun in her face and roars, "Who are you, you lying bitch?" Her only response: "You want answers, get Bauer."

Then poor Ortiz gets reamed out by Hastings for not reporting his recent discoveries about Dana's sordid past, and is taken off active duty until he spills all the dirty details which is going to be tough, considering he helped her hide the bodies of two people. Gotta feel bad for the guy at this point. He may have had a more hellish day than Jack, at least so far.

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