'The Mentalist' - '18-5-4' Recap Season 2, Episode 21

A 'The Mentalist' episode title without the word red, or pink, or crimson? How could they?! Maybe it looks like it at first sight. However, it is not the case. You just need to do some rather quick investigation to find out that the numbers spell the word "red". If A = 1 and Z = 26, then 18 = R, 5 = E, and 4 = D. A fitting title since this week's case involved the death of a mathematical genius.

Sadly, finding out the meaning of the title was as easy as discovering who the murderer of the week was.

The first thing that clued me in towards the wife being the murderer is the fact that CBS advertised Lucy Davis, wife of series start Owain Yeoman, as the victim's wife yet they said nothing about Fisher Stevens guesting on the show as well. Yes, Stevens is not as popular as he once was but wouldn't he deserve a separate guest star mentions as Davis got in this week's official description for CBS? The other two things that clued me in is the fact the couple was broke and living on her waitress salary and the fact that the person who searched the house didn't search everywhere.

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