'Fringe' Season 2, Episode 21 - 'Northwest Passage' Recap

Joshua Jackson really had a chance to shine in this episode of 'Fringe.' It reminded me that not only does Peter Bishop have an IQ that's through the roof, but he's also learned a few things from Walter about using methodical thought processes to achieve a desired result.

Peter knew exactly how to find the kill zone, but he also used some Walterisms -- scaring Sheriff Mathis and taking a tissue sample to use as a go-by on the adrenaline factor. Yes, he may be brilliant, but he's learned much from his father in this universe.

I loved Martha Plimpton in her role as Sheriff Mathis; however, I did take issue with the fact that she barely blinked at the notion of shapeshifters and temporal lobe surgeries. Yeah, she's into government conspiracies and other oddities, but I would think she'd have been a bit more shocked and disbelieving.

And even though this episode tied to the main 'Fringe' arc, it was also somewhat of a stand-alone. I could almost see her spinning the character into her own show a la Fox Mulder. The northwest region IS full of vampires and werewolves, after all.

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