'The Office' Season 6, Episode 24 - 'The Cover-Up' Recap

'The Office' was just plum full of surprises this week, wasn't it? Here, Michael is more like his usual bumbling, self-destructive self than he has been in recent episodes, but it doesn't come back to bite him in the ass. And somehow Darryl stumbled upon a real corporate conspiracy even though all he was trying to do was prank Andy.

So, there were two cover-ups to deal with this week. And while they were both a little light in the laugh department, they were both handled well from a story perspective.

The laughs this week really came more from people who were tangential to the stories at hand. It was an especially good week for new mom Pam, who takes every opportunity to show pictures of CC (or is it CeeCee?) to everyone she can find. Then, she confirmed what I've long suspected: women only wear heart-shaped jewelry that was given to them by men. I loved her reaction when Jim asked if she liked such jewelery. "Oh, no... except this pendant you got me!" Much husband-wife fun there.

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