'FlashForward' Episode 18 - 'Course Correction' Recap

Tonight's episode was written by Robert J. Sawyer, the author of the book 'FlashForward,' which this series is loosely based on. He's been a story consultant on each episode, but this was his first time taking the reins and steering the ship himself.

He chose a pretty important episode to do so, in that it touched on elements leading all the way back to the beginning of the series. There was a pretty extensive use of flashbacks, to make sure we were keeping things straight. They even did flashbacks of events that had just happened earlier in the episode. It worked, surprisingly enough, in keeping things moving forward.

Other than the escapades of Aaron the mercenary, we got a lot of progress in putting the pieces together. Simon's character got perhaps even more complex, and even Al Gough's valiant sacrifice came back into play. Can you cheat the destiny ahead of you, or will fate find a way of meeting you anyway. When did this turn into 'Final Destination'?

This week it was all about cheating death. At first, those who'd survived past their foreseen expiration dates, the "Blue Hand Club," were being taken out by one of their own, Slingerland. That's one way for the universe to course correct. Or actually, it's unclear if that is a true course correction. It could just as easily be a lunatic who thinks this is what he has to do.

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