'Community' Episode 23 - 'Modern Warfare' Recap

I'm starting to feel woefully unprepared for 'Community' each week. This week, I should have boned up on every action and war movie ever made. Then I could have caught the zillions of references to each of them throughout this incredibly unexpected and entertaining episode.

'Community' has never strayed away from the absurd when looking for "the funny." This, however, is the first time that they've essentially destroyed the entire set to do so. That we are to believe this was all for a game prize ... well, that actually works.

Over-the-top is what these characters do. From the '28 Days Later' nod with Jeff waking up to a post-apocalyptic campus, to the brilliant directing by Justin Lin ('Fast & Furious') and framing of all the action sequences, there was a true love for the action genre pouring forth onto the screen.

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