Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 1, Episode 6 - The Cloud

Nelix has cut Janeway off on her Coffee and has a "Better than coffee" alternative which is less than attractive. In an attempt to supplement rapidly depreciating energy reserves, Voyager enters a nebula, but encounters trouble when its impulse thrusters trigger a dangerous reaction inside the nebula. Voyager sustains damage and unidentified material from the nebula becomes attached to the ship's hull. Voyager exits the nebula to investigate the material, discovering that it is organic.

The crew conclude that the nebula is a life form of some sort, and Captain Janeway takes Voyager back inside to repair some damage done to a 'membrane' by Voyager in the first encounter. The mission is a success, though the ship is more depleted than before. Fortunately, Neelix's knowledge of local space might lead them to what they need.

The crew spend some downtime in the holographic recreation of Sandrine, a pool hall program Paris created.

Source: Wikipedia

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