Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "The Lady Vanished" Season 3, Episode 14

If a therapist had guest starred Gossip Girl this week, he or she could have been very busy. That's because Serena was projecting her own lost-Daddy issues onto Chuck and his "is my mom alive?" confusion, while Rufus was misdirecting his anger at Lily and their marital troubles onto Jenny and her relationship with Damien. As for Dan and Vanessa? Those two were living in total denial.

Beach Blanket Bingo

So Dan and Vanessa tried to go back to being just friends, and they pretended to date other people. Vanessa called up Paul and asked him to get back together in time for the indoor dorm beach party, and Dan attended the event with some random girl he met in the hallway. Soon they were leaving their dates and sneaking a kiss. Eventually, their dates realized they were being used and left them, and Dan and Vanessa admitted they were both scared to date each other and possibly ruin their friendship - a friendship that had now become so awkward, it was already ruined. Finally, they said what the hell and decided to take a chance on having a romantic relationship with each other. And then they tried something new: Having sex for the first time without a third person.

It was during their scenes that I thought I accidentally flipped my remote control over to Greek on ABC Family. This is Gossip Girl, a show that lets us momentarily escape with the extremely wealthy and their high-class problems at extravagant parties. This means Dan and Vanessa need to stop spending all of their time with each other and start mixing with their upper-crust friends again. If not, we're going to have to suffer through more of these boring dorm parties and uncomfortable Dan and Vanessa scenes.

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