Recap Charmed: Season 4, Episode 9 - Muse to My Ears

Phoebe surprises Cole in the Kitchen wearing a sexy dress. She wants to celebrate his humanity and the fact that there are no longer any obstacles for them being together as a couple. Cole is unsure. He has reservations about losing his powers and his ability to protect Phoebe and her sisters. He fears that factions are forming aimed at taking out the Source and the Power of Three. He pulls a dish out of the oven, and scalds his hands. Without his powers things that were easy for him before are now dangerous. He has lost part of himself. Phoebe tries to comfort him.

A politician is inspired by a Muse while writing a speech in his office. He turns around to see a warlock, Devlin, behind him. Devlin has the Ring of Inspiration, which allows him to see Muses. He uses the ring to turn the Muse into an essence and capture her. Devlin kills the politician and leaves.

The next morning Phoebe is looking for Cole. Piper tells her that he had errands to run. They discuss Cole’s marriage proposal. Piper warns Phoebe that often time’s relationships don't survive a rejected proposal. Although Phoebe argues that the proposal was postponed, not rejected, Piper tells her that she needs to talk to Cole again. The girls also discuss possible demon attacks. Phoebe warns Piper that Cole believes the underworld demons are banding together to form factions. Piper feels its best to wait until they are attacked, but Phoebe is persists. Meanwhile, Paige is cleaning out her art supplies. With her new witchy life, she no longer has time for them.

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