Big Brother 11 Episode 22 - August 27, 2009 (Eviction 7) - Recap

With Jeff's plan to backdoor Russell in full effect, we were all waiting to see just how much of an explosion Russell would have. And he didn't disappoint, delivering what was probably his biggest blowup of an already volatile season. But he got a rise out of one houseguest that was completely unexpected for me. Would his last desperate attempts to stay in the game be successful? Or would all his shouting seal his fate even further? Let's find out.

Russell's immediate reaction to his nomination was the calm before the storm. Whereas Kevin and Natalie were doing a happy dance in the storage room, Russell very much appeared to be a ticking time bomb. Before he went off, however, there was a semi-tender moment with Michele. He told her he hopes she wins, and even though Michele doesn't "like Russell 100 percent," she tears up at the prospect of losing her recent partner. Russell even said he feels like he let Michele down.

Jeff finally decides to "face the music" and "weirdness," by confronting Russell about what he's thinking in the back yard. Jeff leads with how Russell should admit that Jeff just made a smart move in the game. (The fact that Natalie and Kevin are all ready to betray Jeff may prove otherwise, but even If they do put Jeff up, I think he had to try and get Russell out this week.) Russell obviously doesn't think Jeff is smart...or tough. He tells Jeff he hopes he wins, because if he comes into the jury house he will "mop his face up and down." Like their first fight this season, it quickly turns into a lot of caveman grunts and groans (Me so tough! No, me so tougher!). Jeff doesn't back down, throwing out his own threats. He says he would give up the $500,000 to "bust [Russell] in the mouth" for talking to him the way he did. Jordan gets involved, and Russell says Jeff is letting a girl fight his battles. Jordan basically ends everything by telling Russell he's just mad that he's going home. Jeff says he should man up and know when he got beat.

Meanwhile, Russell makes a play at staying. During a game of pool with Kevin, he tries to convince him to vote out Natalie, because he thinks he already has Michele's vote. He says Kevin will then have a teammate in trying to get out Jeff and the blood will be on Russell's hands, not Kevin's. (He also insults Kevin in a way, suggesting that no one else can take Jeff out but him.) Kevin seems to be considering the offer.

On possibly his last day, Russell decides to try again to get under Jeff's skin, hoping Jeff will say something that turns the house against him. He goes to all the classics: technotronics, America feeling sorry for Jeff and giving him the coup d'etat, and the fact that Jeff will put everyone up, despite what he says. Jeff doesn't bite (he really is the only adult in the house), but Jordan, after being called fat by Russell, springs into action. She gets in Russell's face and even bumps up against him. Jeff is upset that she would lose control and risk going home, and calms her down as Russell continues to taunt her about eating cookie dough. (Classy!)

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