Interview: Kris and Amanda, from 'The Amazing Race 14'

The U-Turn is always a point of controversy on The Amazing Race. Kris and Amanda were eliminated last night because they were U-Turned by Margie and Luke, and there has been much debate about what Margie and Luke did. Was it ethical? Kris and Amanda weren't a threat to Margie and Luke on last night's leg, but then again, Amanda and Kris were shaping up as a team to be reckoned with - I thought they were the most likely to win it all. The U-Turn, despite its brutal ramifications, is a part of The Amazing Race, and should therefore be utilized, right? It may have been cowardly, but I figure if you're playing for a million dollars, you take every advantage available to you. You only race once.

Amanda and Kris, on a show that consistently features dysfunctional and often appalling young couples, were a breath of fresh air. The couple got along incredibly well in stressful circumstances, remaining likable even as the reality of their impending elimination became clear. We had the chance to speak with Amanda and Kris earlier today about their time on The Amazing Race.

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