Recap: "Mexico"

In the third-season finale, many of the Walkers find themselves having trouble communicating. Nora struggles against the language barrier to track down Tommy in Mexico, Kitty and Robert can't agree on the terms of the separation Kitty proposed, and Justin and Rebecca can't quite get on the same page about their engagement/marriage. Plus, Kevin has to work through his beef with Tommy, Saul has to make a difficult decision about Ryan and Holly struggles with Rebecca's impulsiveness. So how did this up-and-down season wrap up? Let's find out.

"Dónde está mi...uh, him?" Nora asks of some hombres at a Montevista cantina once she blows into Mexico. Soon enough, her picture of Tommy leads her to some sort of silence-loving, cell-phone-banning, yoga-doing commune that "Tomás" now calls home. Cue a Nora overreaction and a trademark Brothers & Sisters multi-sibling phone call. Nora says she thinks Tommy is in a cult, and everyone comes running -- everyone except Kevin, that is. He's tired of cleaning up Tommy's messes and wants nothing more than to celebrate his anniversary with Scotty in Laguna. But it's Scotty (again criminally underused) who convinces Kevin to join the caravan South of the Border to keep Nora from creating an "international incident" by "going down the river into the heart of darkness."

Before she leaves, Sarah tells Holly that she is rethinking their strategy to work around the by-laws and cut Ryan loose. Instead, she wants to offer him an eyebrow-raising severance package, but Holly is having none of it. "This company has always been about more than the bottom line," Sarah says, "and he's my father's son." Holly says Sarah sounds just like Tommy, but she sticks to her guns, ultimately getting Holly to agree. However, the quick trip to Mexico forces Sarah to ask Saul to be her messenger. Saul protests against getting involved, but he gives in when Sarah says she's trying to rebuild the company and the family and that one has never worked without the other.

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