Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 12 - The Hockey Lie

Jeff and Steph are at a hockey game and seems like she's getting really into it making Jeff really pleased. She abruptly informs Jeff that she hates hockey and leaves; Jeff is hurt

The next day at school, Jeff complains to Eddie that Steph hates hockey and that it was the fabric of their relationship. Jeff says he just bought a 20 hockey game seat package and invites Eddie but Eddie declines. Eddie, realizing Jeff is upset that Steph was lying, tells Jeff that lying is a part of marriage. Jeff says he never had to lie to Steph. Eddie then says that true intimacy in marriage comes when the lies end.

Jeff gets home and asks Steph if there is anything else she lied about. She says that she also lied about liking Spinal Tap. Steph then says that there are things Jeff must have lied about such as liking antiquing. He says he likes antiquing. Steph then says that he can still like hockey even though she doesn't like it and that he can go to the game with one of his guy friends. Jeff says he will and that he now has 2 hours to find a guy friend.

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