Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 13 - Fight Friend

Eddie comes home from work to find Joy cooking breakfast for dinner. She goes to get something out of the freezer and has to chip away at ice to get any food out. She tells Eddie she really wants a new freezer but Eddie nixes the idea. Joy brings up the idea of going to a marriage workshop, but Eddie does not want to do it. Joy says that she thinks it would be a good idea and that it's only a four Saturday commitment.

At the school, Eddie is grading papers and Jeff mentions that Steph spends money like crazy. He also tells Eddie that they got into a fight and by then end of the fight, Steph agreed to spend less money. But then after going to a yoga class with a friend, Steph came home and said that she has the right to half the money because they are married even though Jeff earns the money. Eddie tells Jeff that he has just been the victim of a "fight friend". Eddie explains a fight friends is someone your wife runs to during an fight to reload with new arguments. Jeff decides to nip things in the bud with Steph.

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