Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 14 - The Colleague

Eddie is enjoying dinner with Joy at "Faculty Pasta Night" at the school when he goes for another serving at the buffet line. He runs into Jeff in the line and immediately insults his clothes. Jeff notices the new history teacher Lucy and mentions how he wants to play squash with her. Eddie tells him that since he's now married, he can't make friends with women. Jeff tells him he is crazy but then sees Steph across the room talking to the high school quarterback. He gets jealous and takes her away from him and tells her that the quarterback is a bad kid. Lucy introduces herself to Eddie and asks him to help her with her course syllabus. She gives Eddie her phone number.

Later at Joy and Eddie's house, Eddie throws away Lucy's number. Joy asks why and he says because he can't date another woman while he's married. Joy thinks Eddie is crazy that he thinks his coworker has the hots for him and that he should call her. Eddie replies that he thinks calling her will come back to haunt him. Joy says that their relationship has moved beyond jealousy.

The next day at school, Jeff sees the quarterback hanging out with some kids, one of whom is smoking a pipe. The quarterback tells the kid to stop smoking and he does. He also tells Jeff his wife is a hottie. Jeff is happy he has pleased the quarterback.

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