'Dancing with the Stars' Cast Analysis

Dancing with the Stars is arguably the only reality show on television that can boast such a wide-ranging and diverse cast. No other reality show features contestants from all sorts of backgrounds, shapes and sizes. It might just be me, but I think that it's well nigh impossible to tell one Bachelor contestant from another. And don't get me started on America's Next Top Model! Each successive cast of America's Next Top Model has been getting more and more homogeneous as Tyra Banks keeps getting crazier and crazier. Plus, there's always some chick who doesn't want to be a pretty girl and a brunette who feels more confident after the makeover stylist bleaches the heck out of her hair.

Oh yeah, and then there are those trashier competition reality shows like Flavor of Love or Rock of Love. The most recent season of Flavor of Love, for example, featured two contestants whose names were Thing 1 and Thing 2. (I think one of the Things won, although I couldn't tell you which one.) Clearly, their names suggest that they could easily have been replaced by any other fame whore. And every single person vying for Bret Michaels' love on Rock of Love is some kind of stripper or stripper-wannabe with a huge fake rack.

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