'Survivor: Heroes vs Villains': Why JT and Russell Just Got Screwed

At least JT proved not to be as slimy as Candice makes him out to be. If he really is the black sheep among the Heroes, he would've kept the hidden immunity necklace for himself from the very beginning, using it to his advantage when the merge comes and everything breaks loose. Instead, he decided to pull off what I choose to think is a bold move: give immunity to Russell in exchange for his allegiances once the merge happens.

In theory, it's a really good move. Now, I'm not expecting Russell to be forever grateful to JT--does anybody even stick to their word in Survivor apart from Coach?--but we've seen, time and again, that moves made out of good will can get you far. What JT did may be a leap of faith, but it bought him and the rest of the Heroes much-needed time.

The catch is, their decision was ill-informed. Of course, nobody knows what really is happening at the Villains camp! An all-female alliance? It's far from that--a man, the only man in the tribe, actually runs the show! You wouldn't expect someone who won Survivor before to not account for every possibility before making the move. I mean, what else do you do in camp during all those hours that we don't see on television?

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Apr 18, 2010 2:46AM EDT

i think JT would have kept the idol for himself if Amanda and Candice hadn't caught him looking for it.he's probs just trying to get on the good side of his tribe giving it to Russell... so they think he's a good guy but he's not.

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