Recap Til Death: Season 1, Episode 15 - The Bachelor Party

Eddie and Joy are curled up watching TV when Eddie tries to play footsie with Joy. She tells him to stop because it hurts and that it isn't helping her get in the mood. They soon realize that they haven't had sex in a month. Joy agrees to have sex and sneezes in Eddie's face. Eddie is freaked out by her being sick and tells her he doesn't want to do it anymore.

Eddie and the boys are watching high school girls basketball in Cofeld's basement. Stan says they should be quiet so Cofeld's wife won't come down and yell at them. Cofeld tells him to relax because Nicole is at her sister's bridal shower - her sister who is getting a civil union to another woman. They bring up whether gay people have bachelor party when Jeff pipes up that he didn't have a bachelor party. The rest of the guys recount their crazy bachelor party stories and decide to re-live the old days by giving Jeff a bachelor party. Jeff complains that Steph won't let him go so they say that he is sad. He acquiesces, but when he gets home and asks Steph, she tells him no. He whines until she caves in and allows him to go.

Eddie is headed out for the bachelor party and sees Joy knocked out sick on the couch. He gives her some tissues and leaves after they discuss the party a little.

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