Recap: "Letting Go"

On this episode of One Tree Hill, Haley finds a way to get through to her students, Lucas and Nathan take Jamie to a memorable place from their past, and Brooke must decide whether to follow her heart or do what she thinks is best for Sam.

Haley's back to her music, but she's having trouble writing now that she has left teaching. In the classroom, the students are rebelling against the principal who has taken her place. Sam decides they have to teach the mean principal a lesson, so she devises a plan. She tells Jack that she doesn't mean for him to throw on a ski mask and beat the crap out of her like the last time she wanted to get back at someone. They get the rest of the class to go to Haley's living room, where they're waiting for her when she gets home. She talks to them about Catch-22, and they begin to understand what the book is about. Of course, the principal walks in, and when Haley tries to explain that she needs to treat them like adults, the principal reminds Haley that she's not their teacher anymore and should pick up the last of her things left in the classroom. But the principal later shows a change of heart as she realizes the effect Haley's had on her students. Haley sticks to her own principles and tells her former boss that she's made a good teacher not want to teach and good students not want to learn.

After Dan confessed to Jamie that he killed Keith, the questions started to come, leaving Nathan unsure of how to handle it. He goes to Lucas for advice, and the two end up taking Jamie to Keith's auto shop. There, Jamie learns a little more about his great uncle and Lucas tells him, "He loved me and was proud of me just like I love you and am proud of you." Jamie then asks if he's allowed to miss Grandpa Dan and Lucas, although conflicted, says, "Yeah."

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