Recap: "Truth Be Told"

This was a really awful episode of Medium. Buzz!! Truth be told, it was an exciting episode. Ariel was telling her mom the truth about the sleepover. Buzz!! She was a scheming little teenager, truth be told. Allison becomes a human polygraph and knows when you've been bad or good by the irritating sound of a celestial buzzer only she can hear. And no one can escape her lie detection.

Allison's dream uncovers a series of events that takes the whole episode to unravel. It all starts when a contestant on a game show called "Truth Be Told" is asked whether she would kill to protect her loved ones. She answers "Yes," but according to the lie detector, that is a lie. She and her friends in the audience laugh about it, but it quickly becomes apparent that it is a laugh of irony.

The four friends enjoy a bottle of vino while watching Julie's foray into game-show celebrity. But the evening turns dreadfully dangerous as two masked men hold them hostage, rob them and sexually assault Julie. I don't think it was ever made clear why there was a bag of $1 million lying around (I believe they were staying in someone else's cabin). What I do know is that the four friends make a pretty lousy decision when they decide to keep the cash.

When Julie and Michael's money runs out, Michael goes to the Berks and asks them to hand over their share. How did he ever think that was a good idea? Paul Berk thinks it's a lousy idea as well, and refuses to pay him. So Michael kills him and his wife. This is not a very smart guy. Frankly the whole lot is completely whacked.

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