Project Runway: Do You Agree with the Judges?

Project Runway finished up its 5th season last evening on Bravo (and, with the show's current legal troubles), we might not be seeing it again for awhile.

So...Spoilers Included

Do we agree with the judges' selection for a winner? Which designer was your favorite? Check out the collections:

Kenley's Collection

Korto's Collection

Leanne's Collection (the winner)

My personal reaction...I was kind of torn. I liked (but didn't love) everybody's collections (yes, including Kenley's; I don't know high fashion so they weren't knock-offs to me) and probably would have been happy with multiple outcomes. I wasn't surprised that Leanne won though; she has been incredibly consistent throughout the entire competition...and the judges always love collections that cover the gamut in style (Leanne had dresses, skirts, pants, vests, etc.). It was a little pleat-tastic, but I think it was unique and distinctly Leanne, which is something hard to achieve (though you could arguably say the same for Korto's collection).

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Oct 16, 2008 8:32PM EDT

Personally, I thought the judges blew it for the winner. Everyone I watched it with, had the order 1. Korto 2. Leanne 3. Kenley. While Leanne's was great, I got really tired of the pleats. REALLY TIRED. I think she was finally saved by the statement that she used sustainable fabrics...blerg.
I always complain about this show, but season after season, I find myself sitting in front of the TV cheering for the final 3. Its just good television.

Default avatar cat
Oct 16, 2008 9:06PM EDT

while i LOVED Kenley's personal style and her 50's inspired dresses I agree she was last in the top 3. What i Don't agree with is Leanne winning. I wouldn't wear much from her collection. the pants (not the top) and the evening gown maybe.. but the rest were ugh. I agree way way way too much of "the waves". i think they all looked ridiculous. I loved almost all of Kato's collection and would love to wear them.

Default avatar cat
Oct 16, 2008 11:37PM EDT

I think Korto really should have one. I thought her designs were amazing from the moment she won the first challenge. But to be honest I really loved all the collections. Kenley's looks were surprisingly amazing and she really pulled it off beautifully. Leanne did have a lot of variation with what type of clothes but not with the colors. Overall I think it was really an amazing bryant park. I love this show.

Default avatar cat
Oct 17, 2008 2:38AM EDT

First, I loved all three collections.. They were all amazing.-I thought Kato should have won but I didn't want her to win. 'cause I didn't like her desighns during the competition. Her collection was a real wow.-I really wanted Leanne to win just cause I liked her and during the season her desines were the best. But her show was sooo boring..... Too much of too little.. boring and monochromatic. Please, for next season desiners, use more than two colors...-Kenley was awesome, if her desines wouldn't have looked copied, I think she couldv'e really won this. And if she was nicer to Heidi and Tim X)

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