Recap: "11:00 P.M.-12:00 A.M."

This hour picks up right where we left Jack - on a deserted road - but now a CDC team has descended on the location and begun investigating the pathogen Jack was exposed to. Of course, this involves Jack stripping and being hosed down (enjoy it, ladies?). Though at this point, I'd say whatever Jack's been exposed to has done its work, and a chemical shower won't make much of a difference. Still, guess it couldn't hurt.

Meanwhile, Tony and the bio-weapon arrive at Starkwood's nearby complex. And it looks like more torture is the order of the hour for the already bedraggled Mr. Almeida, who's been having a very bad day this time out. (Though, really, who hasn't?)

And, as some of you had predicted, it seems Greg's resolve proves not to be so strong as Hodges' - as soon as Starkwood is found out, he immediately suggests destroying all the incriminating evidence. But Hodges doesn't see things that way; it seems a fight is just what he's been itching for all along.

Nonetheless, Greg has decided he wants out, whatever it takes - which means putting a bullet in Tony's "interrogator" before the Starkwooder can shoot Tony. "I'm not spending the rest of my life in prison because Jonas Hodges has lost his mind," he explains, before enlisting Tony's help in leading the FBI to the bio-weapon.

At the White House, Olivia continues her climb up the administration ladder. Having covertly helped secure Ethan's resignation, Olivia now steps into the temporary position of Chief of Staff - of course, she initially demurs to her mother's request, but it's all for show. This is clearly what the first daughter wanted all along, whatever she plans to do with her newfound power.

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