Recap: "Into Asylum"

On Monday's episode of Heroes, Danko's manhunt has forced our superpowered friends to take refuge: Nathan and Claire head south of the border to hide out (and drink a lot of tequila) and Peter and Angela hole up in a church. Meanwhile, Sylar gets closer to Danko, who begins to use one of HRG's methods for his own selfish gains. Does Danko know what he's doing? Let's find out!

First off, I have to again praise the show for its noticeable shift in quality over the last couple episodes. Everything from the way the show's being shot (like Sylar in the rain and last week's Danko shaving scene) to the musical cues (loved the montage over The Animals' "We Gotta Get Outta This Place") feels completely reenergized. Bravo (for now), Heroes.

Don't Drink and Fly

After saving Claire from Danko's men back in Costa Verde, Nathan flies Claire to Mexico and out of Danko's jurisdiction. After he sets them up in a seedy motel room, he promises Claire he is going to make calls to keep her other friends safe. In the meantime, Claire goes out exploring and sells a necklace HRG gave her for cash, which Nathan thinks he can double in a drinking contest. That's right, Nathan challenges some frat boys to a tequila shootout, just like in his Navy days. The rules are simple: last man standing gets the cash. The bad news is, Nathan doesn't stand quite long enough.

Refusing to see her money wasted, Claire steps up. She puts Nathan's watch in the pot and chugs a few shots to catch up. Her regenerative abilities apparently keep her from ever getting drunk (sad?), so naturally she beats the frat boy, producing a terrible fake-drunk act in the process. (P.S. At the rate they were drinking, all those guys would be dead.)

Back at the hotel, Nathan drunkenly confesses that the reason he gave Claire a free pass in his manhunt is because he was trying to win her over. His confession turns to guilt as he realizes he's hiding behind Claire rather than facing down the problems he's created. As he passes out (again), he promises to fix everything.

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Apr 3, 2009 6:26AM EDT

i have been waitin for a big fight!

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