Recap Third Watch: Season 1, Episode 22 - Young Men and Fire

So it is finally here -- the last episode of the season. It couldn't have come sooner. Speaking of coming, the show starts off with Kim putting on her underwear while Jimmy is lying naked in her bed. She tells him that Joey will be up soon and she doesn't want Joey to see him. Jimmy pulls her onto the bed and they start getting it on, again, and then Jimmy suggests that they both call in sick and stay in bed for the rest of the day. I guess if he stays in Kim's bed and Joey doesn't come into her bedroom, he will never know that Jimmy spent the night. Kim asks Jimmy when Brooke gets off work, and then tells him that he should be home when Brooke gets home and calls him. Jimmy sort of has this "D'oh! That's right! I'm engaged to another woman!" look on his face, and then he tells Kim he loves her. What a romantic guy. Well, if you call fact that he has yet to be faithful to any woman at any time romantic.

Doc is packing up his stuff in his apartment, and Morales is helping him. They talk about keeping Doc's grandmother's old china and other assorted old stuff, and then Morales asks Doc what he is going to do about the wall of framed pictures of his dead wife. He tells her he isn't sure, and then she asks him how they met. He reminisces about Deborah for a bit, and then Morales tells him to pick out one or two pictures and they can find a place in the new apartment and put the rest in an album. Doc can't believe how understanding Morales is, and she tells him that the pictures can go anywhere but their bedroom. Morales is such a perfect girlfriend, it's almost like she is a Stepford Girlfriend. I wonder what kind of relationship secrets she is hiding.

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