Recap: Monday, March 30, 2009

After eight seasons and three weeks, it's time to try some new moves on Dancing with the Stars, folks. In this case, it's the Lindy Hop and the Argentine Tango. So who got into the swing of things and who just flipped out? Find out below.

Who's not pumped for these two dances after witnessing Cloris Leachman's exceptionally (un)sexy demo last week? I'm not gonna lie, I am - mostly because these new dances will lead to a double elimination. I love sadistic producers. I meant to ask this last week: Is there a reason why we must go through the opening cast credits and a stair intro? And you wonder why your DVR cuts off. Let's just stick to the stairway intro. Better chance of seeing someone fall flat on their face.

Len describes the two dances for us. The Argentine Tango, unlike the regular tango, can be performed cheek-to-cheek, wide apart, or the girl can do intricate footwork (aka Julianne can dance around Chuck again). The Lindy Hop - or "jitterbug," according to Len - is all about fun and tricks.

As an added bonus for all of you starting this week, we will feature fallen Season 8 contestant Nancy O'Dell's take on all the dances and her predictions. If you've frequented the Dancing blog, you may have seen her general thoughts on the season already, but as we get down to the wire (double elimination!), it's time to get more specific too.

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