Recap: "Gorilla? Gorilla?? Gorilla???"

On the seventh leg of the race, the six remaining teams go bananas looking for a gorilla statue, giving their partners a ride in a rickshaw and performing stunts with elephants. But while the intense heat causes one player to faint, a team incurs not one but two penalties at the finish line. Read on to follow the action.

Teams leave Jaipur, "the jewel of northwestern India", and fly almost 2,000 miles in 14 hours for their next destination: Phuket, Thailand. Tammy and Victor are the first to leave, but all teams boarded the same flight and arrive together. I'm still not sure how Mark and Michael surged ahead of everyone upon landing but they were able to maintain their lead until reaching the Pit Stop.

On the way to the travel agency, Cara and Jaime, most likely recalling Christie and Jodi's bad luck, wisely think to check how full the cab driver's gas tank is. Kisha, a middle school youth program coordinator, draws a crowd of kids when they see she has cash to hand out. While her heart was in the right place, this is an awkward move.

Early interviews revealed Tammy had summered previously with her family in Thailand, but she was overly protected and wasn't even allowed to go to the beach. Being the boy in the family apparently allowed Victor to do as he pleased. Margie admits she needs a break from the constant hand-signing conversations with Luke. Having raised him, I'm not sure why this is suddenly problematic.

The teams are handed a photograph and have to locate the statue of a gorilla somewhere in the city. After some scrambling, everyone heads to the Phuket Zoo except Mel and Mike. Thinking the rest are lost, they ride with their driver to Patong Beach. I'm not sure why they dismiss the first local that told them to go to the zoo, but by the time they listen to an insistent man, they suddenly have a lot of time to make up.

There was no official Roadblock this week, so both team members, under the guidance of the one-armed tiger handler, have their picture taken with Esso the tiger. (Though the tiger was magnificent, wouldn't the fact that the handler was missing an arm have made you just a little nervous?) I'm not one for name-calling but I had to chuckle when during the photo shoot, Kisha gets in the first jab at the stuntmen saying the little guys "are bite-size". And later, Cara and Jaime nickname the brothers the Tweedles, as in Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland.

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