Glee: "Theatricality" Review Episode 20

This was quite an episode, as it had some very fun material mixed in with one of the heaviest scenes Glee has delved into.

Let's get it out of the way - the big scene between Finn, Kurt and Kurt's dad, Burt, was a pretty big surprise. I think Finn has a right to be bothered by some of Kurt's behavior, not because he's gay, but because he will not let up, even though it's clear Finn is not into him and not comfortable with how he's acting. But Finn saying the word he said was obviously crossing a huge line. And Burt rushing to his son's defense was very understandable and pretty awesome to behold. I've mentioned it to before, but damn, Mike O'Malley is proving to be quite a great actor on this show, making Burt Hummel an incredibly nuanced, likeable character and his speech to Finn about how he couldn't let someone calling his son that stay under his roof was excellent.

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