Year in Review: Hottest Baddies, Part 2

Entourage - Ari Gold

You could argue that other Entourage characters - like movie star Vincent Chase - are baddies too, but the definite show stealer of Entourage has got to be Ari. By normal standards, I wouldn't necessarily call Ari physically hot (maybe I'm wrong), but his character certainly elevates him to that hot baddie level. His witty scathing remarks (does Ari ever lose an argument?) and general fearlessness to do whatever it takes to get his clients what they need is just

True Blood - Eric Northman

Why is Eric a hot baddie? Watch this clip. From the moment this guy made an appearance on True Blood, 2 things were very clear: 1) Eric is trouble. 2) Eric is smoking hot. Eric oozes confidence; vampires and people alike walk into Fangtasia and are drawn to Eric (as we overheard a guy's thoughts in one TB episode: "He's so powerful. He's so beautiful. Just walk up there and offer yourself to him!"). However, because Eric is such a big deal, he must summon you first if you wish to speak with him.

A fun tidbit: Eric is played by actor Alexander Skarsgard (son of Stellan), who was voted the sexiest man in Sweden 5 times!

Desperate Housewives - Edie Britt

When I'm a 40+ year old woman (which if you were wondering, I am not), I imagine that Edie is the sort of woman that I'll be jealous of. Edie Britt is the one that everyone is secretly jealous of...because for an "old" lady (I know, 40 isn't actually that old), Edie is still smoking hot. However, on Wisteria Lane, Edie is also a source of controversy and trouble. She's always on the outskirts of the inner-circle, because frankly, she can't be trusted. In Edie's defense, she is generally upfront about the fact that nothing or nobody comes before Edie Britt. She's arguably the strongest woman (mentally) on Wisteria Lane, which is pretty hot also.

Friday Night Lights - Tim Riggins

We love Tim Riggins (of Friday Night Lights, one of the Top 10 Shows You're Not Watching) because he's a baddie with a heart. Don't get us wrong...he's still a baddie, because spoiler alert he did sleep with his paralyzed best friend's girlfriend and regularly shows up at football practice/school drunk. However, Tim Riggins also does thoughtful things like protect the coach's daughter from making bad decisions at parties when his own expense.

Dexter - Dexter Morgan

This one might be the most controversial, but to me, Dexter's style of vigilante justice (murder included) is pretty hot. I actually also find Michael C. Hall's character of Dexter to be reasonably adorable as well. Conclusion: I'd date Dexter. Am I deranged? Don't care.

Think we've missed some hot baddies? Share 'em in comments!

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2008: Year in Review


Default avatar cat
Dec 17, 2008 3:08PM EST

you CAN'T date dexter. I've got dibs... anyhow, he's more an anti-hero than a "baddie" because he snuffs the other baddies.
But definitely adorable.

Default avatar cat
Dec 17, 2008 8:09PM EST

Glad someone else finds Ari attractive. Loved Jeremy Piven for years! He is unashamedly in my you shouldn't but you soooo would pile! lol! :D
I would also say Earl from My Name is Earl. Not Jason Lee's hottest moment but something about him is just sexy. Another from the shouldn't but would pile! :D
Oh and Barney from HIMYM. Baddie with a heart! Aw he loves Robyn but even tho he loves her cant keep it in his pants! lol! Neil Patrick Harris is undeniably smoking hot!

Default avatar cat
Dec 17, 2008 8:56PM EST


Dec 17, 2008 10:14PM EST

ERIChas anyone seen his arms? even thru a t shirt they were smoking hot.

Default avatar cat
Dec 18, 2008 7:38PM EST

yeah cracking arms! He just needed to appear on screen for a moment and my knees would go a bit week!
Ladies love to swoon at vampires - True Blood proves this!

Default avatar cat
Dec 20, 2008 4:04PM EST

The problem with Sylar, Greenlyjade, is that he's hardly a villain. The Heroes writers are so drugged up that he doesn't even have the same personality between consecutive episodes. The show's really gone down the toilet. It makes me sad.

Default avatar cat
Dec 20, 2008 6:15PM EST


Default avatar cat
Dec 25, 2008 4:08AM EST


Default avatar cat
Dec 29, 2008 9:56PM EST

If your deranged, then I need to be institutionalized because I LOVE Dexter Morgan. He is unbelievably sexy to me. Part of me wishes that serial killers were more like him in every way. I know my view is out there but I can't help it. I think Dexter, and of course Michael C. Hall, is ridiculously sexy

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