Neighbors From Hell: "Snorfindesdrillsalgoho" Review Meet the Hellmans.

Ever lived next to a truly awful neighbor? Someone who does nothing but drive you crazy and make your life a living hell? Well, as it turns out, some people from Hell have the same problem. I liked Neighbors From Hell quite a bit, probably because the show makes no bones about being influenced by classic family sitcoms like Growing Pains, The Cosby Show and ALF, and at its core, it's the same thing, except that there's, you know, demons involved.

The premise is simple, but promising: A huge energy company called Petromundo has invented a gigantic drill that can burrow all the way down to Hell. Naturally, Satan doesn't want anyone messing with his domain, so he sends working stiff Balthazor Hellman and his reluctant family up to Earth to try and stop it. In order to accomplish the mission and return home successfully, the Hellmans must hide their demonic nature and try to fit in with the neighbors. Thus the weird title, "Snorfindesdrillsalgoho", or spelled out: Seem Normal, Fit In, Destroy Drill, Save Hell, Go Home. The irony is that the Hellmans soon discover people on Earth are far more evil than anyone they know down in Hell.

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